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SCHEDULE OF FEES                                                                                                           

RETURN TYPE FEE FROM                                                           

PAYE Employee    Fee £50     

Information required:

Certificate of pay (P60) & P11D (where applicable)

 (Notice of coding can be of advantage)                                                                                                                        

Self Employed                                                                        

Income under £81,000 - Fee £115

Information required:

Income totals and expense totals                                         

Income £81,000 and over - Please contact us for a quotation                                                                                                                                                                     

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)                                                                                    

Income under £81,000 - Fee £115 Income totals, expense totals and CIS tax suffered             

Income £81,000 and over - Please contact us for a quotation                                               



Income under £81,000 - Fee £90

£90 - Partnership Income totals and expense totals

 i.e. per partner returns and partnership return                                                       

 e.g. 2 partners plus partnership - from £270    

 Income £81,000 and over - Please contact us for a quotation                                                                                                                      

Includes PAYE income where applicable -see information required for PAYE employees                                                                                                                                     

Accounts Preparation                                                                                                           

Accounts can be prepared for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies

Please contact us for a quotation

(Limited company accounts compliant with statutory requirements and can be filed on line at Companies House)

(Corporation tax returns can also be prepared and filed on line)     


Four ways to pay:

On line
Debit card
Credit card**
** payment by credit card will incur a transaction charge of 4% (minimum £4.00)
It may be possible to arrange to deduct fees from tax repayment. This will incur a fixed transaction fee of £16.00 




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